Dinner Recommendations

imageWheel full 70px I have around 2,500 calories left to consume for the day after eating that Subway sandwich mid-day.

Wheel full 70px What suggestions does anyone have for dinner? I’m near a city, so there’s pretty much any fast food or pizza nearby as an option, or there’s a large market just down the road.  Any ideas?

Wheel full 70px I deal with this situation most every day.  Even though I’m losing weight, I don’t feel like I’m handling it consistently.

2 thoughts on “Dinner Recommendations

  1. When doing a multi-day ride, I usually eat the evening meal with the next day in mind. How far am I going? Which foods seem to cause emergency pit-stops? Which foods are making it hard to pit-stop. Etc. So I usually end up eating simple pasta and salad stuff, with the intention of “clearing the pipes” before heading out in the morning. When the next day is an off day, I’ll splurge on big meats and beer and sweets and snooze around like a bear the next day.

    You must be a couple of hundred miles along. Has your bike had a tune-review at a shop?

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    • Yes, my friend. Several. I had a minor tune done at the Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop at about 800 miles/1,300 kilometers most recently. Before that I had the bike gone over at Manser’s Bicycle Shop in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia at the 500 mile/800 km point. Tomorrow I will stop at the Center Street Bicycle Shop in Brunswick, Maine at just over 1,000 miles/1,600 kilometers. I’m not sure there is anything they will need to do, but I will have the shop give the bike a good look over. They have been kind enough to hold a package my wife sent replenishing my remaining meds, and I’m happy to let them make a buck or two off of me if there’s anything they see.

      Good dinner tips. I wound up eating a Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza on the Hut’s skinny something crust. Less than 1,000 calories total, but pizza has always been among my essential food groups and has been an old standby in my diet for many years.


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