Into the City

Wheel full 70px My route will take me into and across Manhattan today.


Wheel full 70px I’ll wind up, after meeting another friend and a ferry ride, in northern New Jersey at the home of my daughter’s inlaws.  They are too kind in proposing to host a guy with a load of motel sink clean, but still pretty whiffy, bicycling duds in my panniers.

Wheel full 70px Oh, and I saw this at a diner yesterday.


Wheel full 70px Getting closer every day, eh?


Wheel full 70px It has been one of the big pleasures of the trip to be able to meet friends I’ve made on the Internet over the years as I travel near where they live.  In Groton, Connecticut the other day I had a nice late afternoon snack at a Mexican restaurant with Nancy, who goes back with me in cyberspace somewhere near 10 years.


Wheel full 70px The notion that someone would take a bit of time out of their life to have a chat with me is really pretty gratifying.  To myself, I’m just a guy on a long bike ride- doing something way less interesting by and large than the everyday lives of most folks I know.  But somebody’s got to do it, I guess.

Wheel full 70px Thanks, Nancy, for a very enjoyable hour before I caught the ferry.