Wheel full 70px Well, drat.


Wheel full 70px I was hoping I could make it all the way to Key West without a major tire issue.  Today I had a major tire issue.

Wheel full 70px It actually started yesterday, as I was noticing an “out of round” sensation from the rear wheel.  I was by that time deep into New York City’s borough of Queens late in the day and, after a quick check for broken spokes and not finding any, I continued on, figuring I could sort the situation out this morning.  At that time I did not spot any issue with the rear tire.

Wheel full 70px Unbeknownst to me, I had at some point during yesterday’s ride in from mid-way across Long Island, broken sidewall cords in that tire.  What I was probably feeling was a soft spot as the wheel rolled around over that point on the tire.  In all likelihood nothing was even visible.  I made it across Manhattan, met a friend, then onto the Hudson River ferry over to Hoboken, New Jersey, where I spent the night with my daughter’s in laws.

Wheel full 70px A casual look at the tire this morning quickly disclosed the problem.  I am, frankly, amazed that the tire was able to withstand about 20 miles/32 km of continued loaded riding, and especially over the city’s uneven streets, in that badly damaged a condition.

Wheel full 70px So it’s off to a local bike shop for some emergency maintenance and repair.  More on this situation as it develops.