20 Days

Wheel full 70px That’s what’s left.


Wheel full 70px Yesterday when I arrived in Jacksonville, North Carolina I had completed nine full weeks of my Halifax, Nova Scotia to Key West, Florida bicycle ride.  When I started out this morning I had three full weeks left before I would reach Key West on November 10th.


Wheel full 70px Now it’s just 20 days.  That seems like such a short time.  At some point during the day’s ride tomorrow I will go below 1,000 miles/ 1,600 km remaining.  I won’t kid you there- that still seems like a ways.  But I can do that.


Not all bike maintenance…

…takes place on the bike.

Wheel full 70px I was knocking sand off my shoes the other day when I was getting ready to leave Oregon Inlet campground.  This caught my eye.


Wheel full 70px I called a bike shop: Island Cycles, down the Outer Banks in Avon, North Carolina.  John, the proprietor, said he was closing early to clean up damage at home left by the recent hurricane, but would leave a replacement screw on his porch if he wasn’t going to be there.


Wheel full 70px He hadn’t left by the time I arrived, and so I bought three of these.


Wheel full 70px He installed the screw, made sure all the others were tight, and I was on my way.


Wheel full 70px I’m heading for Wilmington, North Carolina today. It’ll be my last full day in this great state.