Yet Another Benefit of the Space Program

Wheel full 70px A retired military ID card…


Wheel full 70px Don’t leave home without it.

Wheel full 70px I’m spending the night in a Navy Lodging Facility on the Wallops Island NASA base.  This area of the Eastern Shore  of Virginia has pretty slim pickings as far as campgrounds and motels are concerned. I was resigned to riding for a while in the dark to make it to a motel south of here that Google Maps made sound pretty awful and then I thought, “I wonder if Wallops Island has a BOQ?”   So here I am.

Wheel full 70px Oh, and


Wheel full 70px Four states left to go.  I can do this!

Postcards from the Shore

Wheel full 70px Yesterday’s ride presented a lot of contrasts.  There was a quick ride through the last of New Jersey as I hurried to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry first thing in the morning.


Wheel full 70px Big ocean vistas out on Delaware Bay.


Wheel full 70px A stretch of rural countryside at the Delaware end of the ferry crossing.


Wheel full 70px Then came the resort communities of the Delaware and Maryland shores.


Wheel full 70px These were interspersed with peaceful natural stretches where development seemed very far away.


Wheel full 70px There was even a big modern bridge that looked like it was opened yesterday. The bridge was probably, at about 70 feet/21 meters above the water, the highest point in elevation by far that I climbed yesterday.


Wheel full 70px All in all a very nice day for a ride.  I’m starting today from Ocean City, Maryland.  If I was riding on Interstate 95, I’d be south of Washington, D.C.