…and a little bicycle shall lead them.

Wheel full 70px Digby, Nova Scotia was the last town I rode through before getting on the ferry to New Brunswick last night.  Over this long weekend it was celebrating  something called “Wharf Rat Days,”  which is apparently like a Canadian Sturgis.  There had to be over 10,000 motorcycles in town as I rode through – I’ll do a post on that later with some pictures I took.

Wheel full 70px In any event, the Surly was the first “vehicle” let on the ferry.   I walked into the bowels of the lowest deck and was directed all the way to the front where I wound up locking it to a stanchion in front of half of a spare propeller.


Wheel full 70px The ferry was cavernous.  I don’t know how many cars, trucks and buses they can put on the thing, but my scientific estimate is “a lot.”

Wheel full 70px So after a few minutes, what should come in behind me but about 100 bikes leaving Wharf Rat Days.



Wheel full 70px They lined the entire side of the ferry by the time they were all in. And, when we got to the other end in St. John, I led them off up the ramp and out into the city.

Wheel full 70px Pretty cool, eh?

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