Acadia Park Loop Road

Wheel full 70px I biked around the Acadia National Park Loop Road today.  You can subscribe all you want to Ed Abbey’s “Industrial Tourism” knock on roads and cars in National Parks, but in my view this is one such drive that the park would be less of an experience without.


Wheel full 70px So much for my “no hill taller than 400 feet/~120 meters on the entire Atlantic Coast” research prior to the ride.  Just before the junction with the spur road leading up to the top of Cadillac Mountain you reach, per RidewithGPS, 526 feet/~160 meters above sea level.  The beautiful engineering of the road, though, made the climb seem effortless.

Wheel full 70px A few pics.


Wheel full 70px I’ll leave Mt. Desert Island for the fourth and probably last time over a 40 year span in a few hours.  I count myself fortunate for each visit- taken together they are almost more than for which one could reasonably wish in a lifetime.


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