As I go over my Washington D.C. to Kansas City route mile-by-mile to create the itineraries, I have found a couple of little glitches and other tiny improvements that I could make.  And, one by one as I work my way east to west, I address them.  Here’s one I found this morning in connection with creating the Ohio River East segment itinerary.

Marietta Route Before

This is a portion of my route through Marietta, Ohio, where my plan was to cross the Muskingum River on the Putnam Bridge.  Somehow on my first couple of passes I missed the Harmar Bridge- an old railroad bridge that has been converted to pedestrian/bike use.  It doesn’t show up as a bike route in the Ride with GPS “Bike Paths” overlay, which is probably why.

Marietta Route After

So I moved the river crossing onto the Harmar Bridge and the rerouted bit is marked in blue.  This dropped the overall trip mileage from 1932.1 miles (3,109.4 km) to 1,930.9 miles (3,107.5 km).  No big deal, but then I had to go and update six maps that include the route change.  Another hour gone, and I only have about 100 of those left before I have to head out for the airport.

move on pilgrim

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