Spending the Night

Ilinois Master 400pxdays left.

Wheel full 70pxLast year during my 80+ days of riding down the Atlantic coast from Halifax, Nova Scotia and Key West, Florida, I spent close to $5,000 on lodging, averaging a little more than $60 per night.  My stays were pretty much divided between campgrounds and mom and pop/”budget” motels, but nowhere was cheap.  When a Motel 6 is, at $85 a night plus another $5-10 in tax, the least expensive thing going in an area where there are no campgrounds available, what can you do?  I paid these prices because I had been lulled into a false sense of security during my long rides in the 1990s- “Hiker-Biker” campsites in California State Parks were only six bucks and you could find clean older motels that were still around $25.  No more.

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Closer, closer…

  days left to go!

Wheel full 70pxWe’ve updated our itinerary, probably for the last time except for last minute adjustments.  Here’s what it looks like.

Friday, August 25 – Day 00 – Lake Itasca State Park, MN (0) – Camp
Saturday, August 26 – Day 01 – Lake Itasca State Park, MN to Cass Lake, MN (55.2) – Stony Point Resort (Camp)
Sunday, August 27 – Day 02 – Cass Lake, MN to Deer River, MN (106.4) – No nearby campground or Warmshowers host (Camp)
Monday, August 28 – Day 03 – Deer River, MN to Jacobsen Campground, MN (152.2) – Jacobsen Campground (Camp)
Tuesday, August 29 – Day 04 – Jacobsen Campground, MN to Aitkin, MN (200.3) – Aitken Campground (Camp)
Wednesday, August 30 – Day 05 – Aitkin, MN to Crow Wing State Park, MN (255.3) – Crow Wing SP Campground (Camp)
Thursday, August 31 – Day 06 – Crow Wing State Park, MN to Sauk Rapids, MN (317.3) – Residence

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See, I Told You I’d Be Here Today

WI Master 400px days to go!

Wheel full 70pxMy itinerary has me leaving Anchorage the morning of the 24th, arriving in Minneapolis late that evening and meeting up with a long-time family friend.  We will overnight near St. Cloud at one of her children’s residence, then leave on the 25th and drive the 150 miles/240 kilometers to Bemidji, Minnesota, the closest town of any size to Lake Itasca.  There, I will go to the Northern Cycle bicycle shop [link], where the good folks there will have assembled and checked out my beloved Surly Disc Trucker.


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And the Countdown Begins…

Wheel full 70pxHey, I’m back, and only have


days to go before b2b 2017 – the brook to bayou ride starts at Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota on the 26th.  I have lots of things to share with you over the next couple of weeks before the trip starts, so I’ve plugged the blog back in again

Plugging In 800px

and should be posting pretty much every day from this point on.

Wheel full 70pxThanks for tuning back in.  I’m looking forward to getting on the road.




Wheel full 70px You’ve  probably noticed that my posting here has been a little light the last couple of days. I was very up on Monday over the results of my weigh-in that day, but the failure to arrive of the meds I needed in order to be able to take off from Halifax really had begun to pull me back down.  I had begun to feel like August was completely slipping away,  and… enough of that.


Wheel full 70px In short, just before lunchtime some welcome newes finally showed up on the USPS tracking site.


Wheel full 70px An hour later, and the last obstacle to me and heading south was in my hand.


Wheel full 70px I could ask “Whose priority?” but that would be snarky and completely out of keeping with my celebratory mood.  I’ll post some info about tomorrow’s ride later on and then head for bed early, as I’m planning a 7:00 a.m. start.

Wheel full 70px I’m ready!