A Great Day for a Ride

Wheel full 70px Yesterday was one of the nicest ride days of the trip.  I did a little over 60 miles/100 kilometers.


Wheel full 70px It wasn’t any particular thing that made it so nice- actually it was mostly cloudy and breezy for much of the day.  But there were interesting bridges


long stretches of rail trail


and some nifty urban riding in Providence.


Wheel full 70px Then there was a great run down the coast opposite Newport to Point Judith, where I stayed last night at an excellent state campground.  The Atlantic Ocean beaches were magnificent.


Wheel full 70px And I’ll admit it- I was bad.   I rewarded my effort with a nice pizza.


Wheel full 70px We’ll see how that affects the next weigh-in.

Wheel full 70px Today I’ll continue along the coast into Connecticut, where I hope to have a late lunch with a friend in Groton.  I’ll then catch a ferry in New London to Orient Point on Long Island.  A busy day, but it’s sunny and the wind is with me this morning.

3 thoughts on “A Great Day for a Ride

    • Hi Gustavo- Rhode Island does not allow bicycles on the Pell Bridge. You can get a ferry to Jamestown, but not Narragansett, which is baffling.

      I wanted to ride the rail-trails on and out of Providence anyway, so it’s all good.


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